22 déc. 2013

> Archive #100

Eglise St-Pierre-du-marché, Loudun  (Photo : F. B.)

"Cantus in memoriam Urbain Grandier" (2008 - rev. 2013)

F. B. : grandes orgues, manipulations électroniques, échantillons vocaux, extraits de "La possédée" d'Eric Le Hung, 1971.

(downloadable here with many other mp3 archives) 

14 déc. 2013

1927. Ich war dabei  
(Berlin, Sinfonie einer Grosstadt, W. Ruttmann)

8 déc. 2013

Bernard Parmegiani


2 special radio shows will be broadcasted next tuesday on Opposition de phase  in homage to the english bassoonist and composer Lindsay Cooper and on tuesday, december 17, in homage to the french composer Bernard Parmegiani, both died recently.